7,173.00 LT

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Techniniai duomenys

XR5 SPOT (Cod. 03.MS003.L)
Power supply 230V 50/60 Hz

XR5 SPOT (Cod. 03.MS003.100.L)
Power supply 100V 50/60 Hz

XR5 SPOT (Cod. 03.MS003.120.L)
Power supply 120V 50/60 Hz
Also available in white (RAL 9003) colour on demand.

Lamp: GE Lighting CSD 250/2/SE
Automatic re-strike of lamp in case of accidental switching off
Lamp on/off via DMX

Optical group
Dichroic parabolic reflector
5.450 Lux / 5 m (14°); 2 lenses with multi-coated treatment

Motorized focus

Motorized iris (16 bit)

14° beam angle (19° – 22° available)

Dimmer / shutter / strobo
Linear dimmer; Shutter; Strobe from 0,85 fl ash/sec to 10 flash/sec

Colour wheel (8 colours + open) with linear selection for perfect 2-colour beams
Colour change with blackout sync; Rainbow effect

Gobo wheel 1: 7 rotating and 16 bit indexable gobos (interchangeable) with extractable gobo holders
Gobo change with synchronized blackout
Gobo scrolling; Gobo shake
Gobo wheel 2: 11 fixed gobos

Indexable prism rotating in both directions (3-facet)

Pan / Tilt
Pan 540° (2,8 sec.); Tilt 320° (2 sec.); 16-bit resolution; Super Speed function (6 selectable speeds)

21 DMX channels
Internal operating system updatable via DMX
Reset via DMX

4 XLR connectors (3-pole In and Out; 5-pole In and Out) by Neutrik
POWERCONN connector by Neutrik

Power supply
Electromagnetic ballast; Power supply 230V 50/60 Hz
100V 50/60 Hz and 120V 50/60 Hz on request
Power consumption: 350 W

Standard accessories
“GQuick” clamps with fast-lock connection 1?4 turn

Operating ambient temperature -10° / 40°

20 Kg

Model Watt Base Lifespan (hours) Lumens K°
CSD 250/2/SE 250 GY9,5 3.000 18.000 8.500

• CSD 250/2/SE 250W lamp (cod. 0505S026)
• Double Professional Flight case; compartment for lamps and accessories, swivel wheels,
cover with hinges with-stay, dishes on cover for piling, 8 handles (2 each side) (cod. 0521C032)
• “C” Clamp G60 black (max. load 50Kg) (cod. 0521A004)
• “C” Clamp G60 chrome (max. load. 50Kg) (cod. 0521A004.20)
• “C” Clamp GQUICK with “Fast Lock” connection 1/4 turn (max. load. 80Kg) (cod. 0521A014)
• “C” Clamp G100 black / professional (max. load. 200Kg) (cod. 0521A015)
• Omega clamp with “Fast Lock” connection 1?4 turn (Cod. 02K00467)
• Safety wire (3mm x 60 cm), Ring spring catch, max. capacity load 60Kg (cod. 0521A010)
• Raincover for XR base (top) (cod. 03.MA001)
• Raincover for XR base (bottom) (cod. 03.MA002)
• Embedding flange for XR (visible display) (cod. 03.MA005)
• Embedding flange for XR (no visible display) (cod. 03.MA006)
• Wireless DMX receiver card (cod. 03.LA.012)